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Murals // Anti Graffiti Coating

One of the number one questions I am asked: what anti graffiti coating do you use?

For a long time, I was using Okon. A product created by Rust-oleum in the States. It was a light, milky substance. I would pop it in a backpack weed killer sprayer and spray it onto the wall. Or if I had students helping, I'd have them roller the coating on with very fluffy rollers. I did once, use my Grayco spray gun but it clogged it up because I didn't clean it well enough - $400 later to have it fixed! Arg!

Earlier this year (January 2022) I called my usual supplier to Uber me out a tub of Okon to site and they said they didn't have any in stock and didn't know when they'd receive more. I panicked. I needed it tomorrow! So I called my paint supplier, Haymes to ask their advice. I didn't want a thick, booger-like, two-pack coating. These were massive walls. It would take me days, and much wrist physiotherapy to cover the wall with the thick coating. Haymes came through! They had a new product called Ultimate. They sent out a huge tub for me to try on the mural. It was the same milky texture as Okon. It went on the wall smoothly, dried quickly for a second coat and seemed slightly thicker and ever-so-slightly glossier. This made it easier to see where I had applied the coating.

Why bother with an Anti Graffiti coating?

Good question. I don't bother with AG coating for private murals. If the mural will be accessed by the public, or by a large community of people (such as a school), it provides an extra protective coating. It not along acts as a barrier for tagging, scuffing and marking - it's also a protective UV coating, extending the mural life.

It is expensive - can I save money by only painting the lower part of the mural (the most likely part to get tagged)?

You can, but you'll see a difference in the mural from where has been covered with AG and the un-coated section. There is a slight gloss once the AG dries. Over time the uncoated section of the wall may fade too. Add the cost of the AG into your project quote. It is expensive, but it is worth it.

How do you maintain a mural that has AG on it?

To remove spot marks or small tags, warm water, soap and a cloth should get the marks off. For a nice spring clean, a pressure washer over the mural will remove dirt and grime while maintaining your mural.

Why use Haymes Ultimate?

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge advocate for Haymes. They are an Australian paint brand. Their products are manufactured in Australia. Since March 2020 I've had so much trouble getting paint stock due to manufacturing and shipping issues due to Covid. Purchasing products manufactured in Australia was not only better for my business, the high quality of product made it better for my clients too.

Head on over to the Haymes website for product spec and safety sheets (you will need these for government/large corp jobs/Safety Work Method Statements). They also list their stockists on their website, or you can go directly to Haymes!

Don't forget to dispose of your paint products safely at PaintBack stations across the country. It's free!


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