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How to Full Time Artist

About Workshop

Let's take the leap... If you are going to work 38+ hours a week, why not something you love? If your creative endeavor is where your heart is at, then lets put plans in place to transition you into working on your creative business full time. The How to Full Time Artist Workshop takes you through a step-by-step guide to planning, implementing and maintaining a successful creative arts business. A day in the life Are you sure working for yourself full time is the right move? Sarah takes you through A day in the life of an artist and pin-points a few traits you need to have to be able to successfully run your own creative business. Preparing to take the leap If you're here - reading this, you are obviously a planner. You're not the type to quit your job without a back up plan. This workshop is perfect for you because it covers all the preparation you need to do before you take the leap. From creating your website to setting up your finances. Maintaining the business Once you've taken the leap, Sarah takes you through the techniques and habits she uses to maintain her business successfully. From passive income options to grant applications. A step-by-step workshop that guides you through the preparation, daily hustle and business maintenance of working for yourself full time.

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