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Artists Gift Guide 2023

I find it difficult putting together gift guides because I feel like they are a giant wish list just for me. I figure if I love these items, most other creatives will too. So, below are a number of awesome gifts that the creative human in your life might love. I know I would...

Artify Brush Set

If anyone treats their brushes as poorly as I do, they'd love a new fresh set of brushes to play with. I often run into friends at the art shop and we have this innate ability to always grab a brush when we visit the art shop. Artists love brushes! Check out this soft set over here.

365 Days of Feel-Good Art

It has taken a lot of effort for this entire gift guide to not be books. But there is no way I could not include at least one of these books from the series by Lorna Scobie. A workbook with prompts for new creative drawings, scribbles and paintings every day for a year. I have been working my way through 365 Days of Drawing. I gifted my brother 365 Days of Creativity and my Mum 365 Days of Art. Check out the book here.

JBL Noise Cancelling Headphones

I don't know any artist that paints in silence. Better yet, when I'm painting murals I always have my headphones around my neck. If I am yelled at (which is pretty often) or someone is trying to talk to me and I am not interested, I'll pop the headphones over my ears. I even use my headphones in public places when the crowd is too much. I just pop the headphones over my ears and bock everything out. These are the brand I use and they are brilliant.


Speaking of loud noises and crowded spaces, this is a product this is actually on my personal gift list. I've heard great things about these Loops. They block out unwanted sounds but still allow you to have a conversation. As a highly sensitive introvert, these loops would make big crowds and kids play centres more manageable. I'm sure other artists are similar. Check them out here.

Handmade House Plants book

Oh no - I'm including another book. But wait until you see how cute it is! It shows you have to make your own paper house plants! It's tricky and creative all in one PLUS it's plants. All artists love plants. I do not have this book, but... ahem... it is on my wish list. Check it out here.


Yes, this is a general call out for lego. Do you know anyone that doesn't love lego? Nope. Especially creatives because there is so much potential. It can be a little pricey, but here's a Unicorn for $10! Colour, lego, construction for only a tenner! Every Christmas our family buys a Christmas Lego kit and my son and I spend 20 minutes working on it together everyday in December. It is one of the highlights of my Christmases. Maybe it's time for a new tradition for your and your artist? Check out this Elf Clubhouse here. Oh no... I just bought it. This is not how gift guides work. I can't just go and buy all the items myself. Oh no. No one tell my husband. Or if you're some kind of money bags or you just won the lotto, check out this epic Disney Castle lego. My inner child is screaming her face off over this Lego kit. She can have it when she get's a job! Lego. You can't go wrong!


I don't know any artist that wouldn't love another easel. A fancy one that you can roll around the studio (or into the spare room when the kids are let loose). I have two rickety easels that often tilt the canvas for no good reason. This easel looks like a dream.

Craft Trolley

Every creative I know has a million supplies and no where to put them all. Cue trolley! I have two of these - a black one at home (so it fits within the decor) and a grey one at the studio. They hold the paints and brushes that I need immediately and I can wheel them around depending on what artwork I am working on. Yet another thing I can wheel into the spare room when the kids are let loose! Check out this adorable pink one here.


Ok this one is a bit different but it's a good one. Skillshare is an online learning platform for creatives. It is amazing! There are some brilliant classes on there. I have had a year long membership this year and I have learned how to build and manage my own Google Ads campaign, set up and manage Amazon Affiliate Program, How to draw manga style cartoons, a deeper understanding of Procreate and so much more. A wonderful gift for artists would be a year subscription to Skillshare. Check out more info here.

Neon Lights

I know. I know. These are a little 2020, but the good news is that they are now affordable and adorable. The colours and effect. Most artists love lighting - they have an amazing way to find new meaning when objects and people are lit differently. There are a huge range of neon light available, but I think this rainbow is adorable.

Block Printing Kit

What creative doesn't want to have a play with a different medium. Block printing. Yes please. I'm sure most of us haven't done this since University, or even school. I have so many ideas of what blocks I'd carve. If you are going to buy this for your artist, maybe pick up a box of bandaids too. Or is it just me that shouldn't weird carving tools? Oh, and if your artist is a block printer, do not buy them this kit. They will have all this stuff. Check out the block carving kit here.

A coffee cup (with a lid)

Every artist who is reading this is having a little giggle about 'Coffee cup with a lid'. We've all done it. We have had a tasty coffee sitting next to us as we paint and dip... there goes the paint brush into the coffee. It's so easy to mix up your water with your coffee. Hence... coffee cup with a lid. All my cups and mugs in the studio have lids for this exact reason. There is only so much paint one artist can drink. This is a pretty and practical coffee cup here.

Spray Paint

Not just any spray paint either: Montana Gold. Ohhhhhh.... I use spray paint daily but Montana Gold spray paint is special - for special projects. I rarely buy it for myself, so this is a wonderful gift. Not sure what colour to get? Check out the gold. It's a good start!

Creative Business Development Workbook

Oh, it wouldn't be a gift guide without mentioning my Creative Business Development Workbook. Perfect for creatives to set goals, plan content and figure out their business ideas. I use my workbook daily and it's kept me on track with the business. Check it out over here.

Well, this is just a giant list of things that I want. Not sure I nailed my first gift guide. Did I miss anything? I spent too much money on gifts for myself putting this guide together. I will have to save up my money before I put together another gift guide. Dangerous!

NB. This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. However, I only recommend products or services that I genuinely like and trust.


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