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6 best podcasts for creatives

I believe it's important to keep learning and evolving as a creative. One of the ways I up-skill and absorb information from other creatives is through podcasts. I have them playing in the car on most trips and in my headphones when I'm working on a mural. I have compiled a list of all my favourite podcasts below:

Your Daily Business

This podcast is your go-to source for weekly doses of entrepreneurial wisdom and business insights. Hosted by Fiona Killackey, each episode delivers concise, actionable advice on marketing, innovation, and strategy for small creative businesses. I have been listening to Fiona's podcast for almost two years now - every week. I am able to pull something out of each episode. Check out the podcast here.

The Banksy Story BBC

This podcast was recommended to me by one of my artist coaching clients and gosh was it a good recommendation. If you're interested in street art and the rise of Banksy - this is your podcast. It's a little all-over-the-place in the beginning but it picks up momentum. Halfway between a podcast and an audiobook. Check it out here.

Art for Your Ears by The Jealous Curator

This podcast hasn't been as regular as it used to be, but the back catalog of interviews with artists is amazing. I have been so deeply inspired by some of the professionals on the program. Most of whom are commercial artists. Check out the past episodes, and just try to ignore the last few which are promoting the Jealous Curators latest book. Check it out here.

Art Academy

An American podcast that focuses primarily on muralists. There are some great episodes with full time practising artists and I love that they always talk about money. Be inspired by artists that are making it in their full time creative field. Check it out here.

Fail like an artist

This podcast warms my heart every week. It helps me feel 'normal' in my chaotic weeks and is light and funny. Julie and Phoebe are down-to-earth and so open about all the fails going on in their practise. They interview artists and offer advice. Be sure to have a listen if you want a little giggle.

Art + Business + Murals Of course I'm going to add my podcast. I like to think it helps artists feel a little less alone in their studios. I offer practical tips and tricks and all the stories from my 20+ years career as a creative. I also occasionally interview other artists too! Have a listen over here.

What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?


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