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Kids Cubby House Mural

One of my favorite mural jobs of the year has been the Cubby House for a local daycare centre. The brief was 'whatever you think the kids will like'. It just so happens that I was a kid once, so I know exactly what kids like! Rainbows, playing cars, tea parties, drawing, star gazing and imagining. So this is what I ended up painting...

Do you have a cubby? Does it need a mural on it? Great! Cubby murals range from $1200 (includes concepts, changes to proofs, all paints, materials and tools) and generally take 2 weeks from quote approval to finished cubby mural. All cubby murals are coated with anit-graffiti to make clean up and protection of the mural easy.

Shoot me an email or give me a call on 0450 922 729, and lets get started on your cubby mural.

xox Sarah

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