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The Brighter Side Solo Art Show

Art show at Brisbane gallery

On Friday 19 February 2016 I opened my first solo show in Australia at a real grown-up gallery - Jugglers Art Space. This was more than just a solo show for me. I had made the leap from full time graphic designer for a construction company to working for myself. This was a big opportunity to show Brisbane what I had been doing, what I am capable of doing and what you can expect to see more of if it was financially viable.

The brilliant news is that I sold about a quarter of the artworks at the show, I picked up about 8 commissions in the following few weeks, I connected with a few schools across Brisbane to run street art workshops for their students, I now had a great collection of work to distribute to other group shows, competitions and cafes around Australia and I proved to myself and others that I'm professional, organised, reliable and creative. Since the show it's been a mad-house and I entirely love it! So far so good.

A massive thanks to Matt Taylor for the photos of the night. Thank you Jugglers for having me and a huge thanks to everyone who supported me leading up to the show and on the night! More posts to come about preparing for a solo show and links to all the resources and planning tools.

Enjoy the photos. More can be found here.

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