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The Process

The Process


1010mm (w) x 1520mm (h) canvas.
5cm thick (double-thick canvas) and black wrap around edging.
Acrylic, spray paint and ink on stretched primed canvas.
Signed and dated.
Ready to hang with d-rings and hanging wire on the back.

This is an original painting. Artwork comes with certificate of authenticity and Sarah Sculley promotional goods, professionally packed for shipping (included in price). If you live outside of Australia, please get in touch to discuss delivery options.



This artwork was started during an artist residency. I was given a studio space, four weeks to create, with no outcome needed. I panicked when I realised I had been creating art for everyone except me. So, with the help of a mentor, I started on an artwork that would not be resolved during the residency and that stretched myself. With layers of blind self portrait drawings in pastel. Chunks of paint in negative space and another blind drawing of a banana tree I saw every day at the studio.
The work came home with me and sat in the corner for a few months while I picked up the pieces of my lost creativity. For the first time in a long time I started to play. I painted and created for myself, for no one to see. I spent a lot of time exploring my spirituality and space. I spent a lot of time at the Chenrenzig Institute (local Buddhist template in the heart of a rain forest), not doing, just being. Playing with the prayer wheels. Reciting mantras and affirmations. Writing.

Slowly my creativity crept back. I pulled this canvas out and was staring at it one day when my son said 'Buddha would look sick on that canvas Mum'. He was right. It beautifully reflected the space I had been in and the end of one Process and the beginning of a new one.

The symbol on the artwork is Om.
Buddhists believe that the sound vibration of Om cleanses away pride. Om helps us dissolve our ego and cultivate kindness and generosity whenever we recite it. It helps me find my voice, especially where I have remained silent.

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