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Mohawk Buddha Totem // Limited edition

Mohawk Buddha Totem // Limited edition


The Smiling Happy Buddha not only endows his followers with feelings of tranquil peace, but also provides for their material and monetary needs. Placing Buddha in office gives clear mind, reduces tensions and eliminates enemies' effect. So, if your dad is sick of you rubbing his Buddha belly for good luck - grab one of these mohawked Buddhas to rub instead! These bright Mohawk Buddha Totems are individually hand painted (by Sarah Sculley) and hand made (by Jesse Sculley). Made from resin and painted with spray paint, layer after layer. These urban style Buddhas will look stunning on your office desk or with your most treasured ornaments. These intricate totems stand at 50mm wide, 20mm deep and 40mm high. This is a Limited Edition of 30 pieces. Each Buddha comes signed by both Jesse and Sarah Sculley and individually numbered.

  • Colour variations

    The colours will vary from the photos. Each buddha is hand painted - the colour options are a guide only.

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