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Limited Edition Print // Black Bird

Limited Edition Print // Black Bird


'Black Bird'
Limited edition print of 50
Two sizes available:

A3 (420x297mm) print area with 20mm white border = 460 x 337mm paper size

A2 (594x420mm) print area with 20mm white border = 634 x 460mm paper size

Printing with archival inks on lightly textured edition etching rag with torn edges.

Prints are numbered and signed.
Prints are not framed.


Delivery to all of Australia included in price. For international shipping, please get in touch. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. If you need this artwork urgently, please get in touch.


Small written words are the lyrics to Blackbird, by The Beatles.

The two sides of my brain competing for superiority. The right brain - creative, experimental, neon loving wants to paint whatever it feels like. It wants to be tactile and paint with my hands and make a bright mess of colour because... art! The left side of my brain - logical, methodical, in charge of my marketing and business management wants to paint what the buyers want to put their money into. It wants to stick with the Pantone colour of the season and to match the latest interior trend. It's a constant fight. Jumping between the two daily, hourly even. I'm waiting for the moment my creative brain can unleash and be accepted. To create art that feels right, rather than looks good on this season of The Block. This artwork is caught in between. It's halfway to being trending and halfway to being crazy. It's tied down by the lyrics from 'Blackbird' - a song I sing to my son to calm him. I feel like I'm waiting for my moment to be free.

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