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Fractured Mind Brick Kit Artwork

Fractured Mind Brick Kit Artwork


Build your own 2D brick urban artwork!


How does this work?

Choose a size that suits you.

Once you order your Brick Kit, it will arrive in the mail directly from the manufacturer: Brick Me.

Included in your kit is:

- Clear base plates (24x24 brick studded each)

- all the 1x1 bricks you need to create your artwork

- the printed instructions and pattern

- adhesive nano strips to attach the base plates to the wall


Simply place your boards over the "colour‑by‑numbers" printout included in your kit, then start building your street art pic brick‑by‑brick! When you're done building, you can hang it on a wall like the wonderful artwork it is! 


Brick artwork finished sizes available:

384mm wide x 192mm high - 2 base plates (1 x 2)

384mm wide x 384mm high - 4 base plates (2 x 2)

576mm wide x 384mm high - 6 base plates (2 x 3) (shown in photos)

576mm wide x 576mm high - 9 base plates (3 x 3)

768mm wide x 768mm high - 16 base plates (4 x 4)

With a mix of 20 coloured bricks.


This product is not suitable for children under three years of age due to chocking hazards from the bricks. Each base plate takes about 45 minutes to complete (unless you keep getting distracted, like me - then it takes way longer).

Price includes shipping within Australia.

Customers requiring international shipping, please get in touch via email for a shipping quote

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