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Dragged into Reality

Dragged into Reality


910mm (w) x 910mm (h) canvas.
5cm thick (double-thick canvas) and wrap around edging.
Acrylic, spray paint and ink on stretched primed canvas.
Signed and dated.
Ready to hang with d-rings and hanging wire on the back.

Augmented Reality element included.

This is an original painting. Artwork comes with certificate of authenticity and Sarah Sculley promotional goods, professionally packed for shipping (included in price). If you live outside of Australia, please get in touch to discuss delivery options.



'Dragged into Reality' serves as a poignant exploration of the intricate relationship between the digital realm and traditional artistic expressions. Through the fusion of augmented reality (AR) technology with the tactile medium of acrylic and spray paint on canvas, this artwork unveils the profound disjunction between the ever-evolving digital landscape and the enduring allure of traditional art forms. The piece delves into the dichotomy between the intangible, often detached world of AI-driven art and the palpable, raw essence of physical creation. The juxtaposition of vibrant brushstrokes and virtual overlays invites viewers to confront the evolving nature of artistic perception, challenging preconceived notions of medium boundaries. 'Dragged into Reality' stands as a testament to the perpetual dialogue between the analog and the digital, inviting audiences to view the AR component through the Artivive phone app and contemplate the intersection of these realms.


To view the AR element of the artwork click link below.

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