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Stencil Workshop

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Stencil Art for Beginners Participants in this workshop will be able to cut loose and immerse themselves in hours of fun learning how to photograph for stencils, preparing the stencil layers in Photoshop (and other non-computer related techniques), cutting the stencils and safely spraying the artworks. With lifetime access to this course, you can start today and finish in fourteen years when you're finally an empty nester! Included in this workshop • A stencil template with six designs to choose from • A supply list (Australian) to purchase all materials needed for the workshop • Over thirteen instructional videos and a number of time-lapse practical videos • Practical application on how to scale-up your stencils and take your practise to the next level Who is this workshop for? This workshop is suited to creatives who have never worked with stencils before. It is also perfect for artists who have used stencils but are looking to create larger, more layered and detailed stencils. The workshop is perfect for schools and community groups. Or for learners who want to take some time and space for themselves to add depth to their already creative practise. Materials The suggested materials needed for this workshop include: Cutting knife, cutting mat, a pen, print out of the templates supplied during the course, tape, spray cans x 3, caps for cans, dust mask, disposable glove and phone/camera.

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