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Creative Business Development Workshop

About Workshop

Take control of your business You have a million ideas floating around your head for your business, but you're having trouble finding the time to plan and implement them. You know where you want your business to be, but planning the steps has been thrown in the 'to hard' basket. This workshop will give you the space and time to develop ideas and implement step-by-step plans to create your dream business (and life). It's time to plan a Business Development Weekend Block out a weekend. If you can, book a hotel for a couple of days. Turn off your mobile phone. Close down your email. Have a print out of the Workbook included in this workshop. Caffeinate yourself. Then work your way through the videos which encourage and challenge you to plan and develop new ideas. Your business deserves an annual weekend where you focus all your creative energy into planning the 12 months ahead. By the end of the business development weekend you will feel organised, energised and ready with a day-to-day plan of how to propel your business forward. • Free Printable Workbook • Designed for Artists & Creatives • Free Printable Planning Calendar

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