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Schools Workshop // Spray Painting & Stencils

About Workshop

Learn from one of Australia’s veteran stencil artists – Sarah Sculley. With over a decade of experience teaching spray paint and stencil workshops in secondary schools, Sarah hopes to encourage more students to confidently create artwork with spray paint. This workshop is for students in secondary school who are spray paint and stencil beginners. The lessons progress through concept development, spray paint safety and techniques, preparing a two-layer stencil in Adobe Photoshop, cutting the stencils, spraying the stencils, mark making, critiquing and FAQs. Sarah will guide your students through a step-by-step process to create a two-layer stencil artwork. The lessons are clear and well structured. Each class begins with a video tutorial which briefs the students and demonstrates techniques before encouraging the students to use the remaining class time to practise this new technique. This course is intended to be purchased by Australian Secondary School Art Departments for use by teachers to watch the videos with the students during class. Workshop Inclusions • teachers' notes for each lesson • a supply list and where to purchase (in Australia) • stencil templates ready to print and cut, as well as textural stencil templates • printable instructions on how to use Photoshop to create stencils. Flexible Lesson Plan • 8 lessons of 45-60min in length • workshop can be shortened to 6 lessons and still create an impressive canvas artwork outcome

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