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Local artist joins global day of action against climate change

Tired of the inaction, global arts initiative Micro Galleries is holding their second global day of creative action in response to one of the biggest threats of our generation. Occurring on November 6, 2021, to coincide with the United Nations Climate Change conference (COP26) in Glasgow this project will bring together artists from all over the world to tackle this climate inaction head on.

The idea was born after Micro Galleries Artistic Director, Kat Roma Greer spent time researching in the The Arctic and at Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps in late 2018. Kat saw a need for more accessible information about how climate disruption and inaction was impacting the world's most vulnerable people. When Kat put the call out for artists to join her, local artist Sarah Sculley answered the call.

‘As a public mural artist I feel I have a great platform through my art to connect with the local community about the impact climate disruption and urbanization is having on the local fauna. I can’t sit back and wait for others to do something.’ Sarah, explained.

Sarah Sculley and Micro Galleries see the need for more accessible information about how climate disruption and inaction is impacting all of us, and art is a great way to do this. An opinion supported by Bill McKibben, best known as the leading American environmentalist’s and ‘world’s best green journalist’. When Bill heard about this global day of art action in 2019, he threw his support behind it stating, ‘environmentalists are good at bar graphs and statistical tables.. but that’s only half of the human brain. We also need art and music to reach our more visceral core. That’s why this initiative from Micro Galleries is so vital.’

Participating artist from across the globe will have their works live streamed over 24 hours, followed by its inclusion in an online exhibition and catalogue at

Sarah has also offered an open-source stencil from her project for people to download, cut out and chalk their own snakes in their own communities (download stencil here).

To find out how you can support this day of action and watch the art unfold, head to


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