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Mural Painting FAQs (July 2023)

About Workshop

Welcome to the live recording of the 90 minute Mural Painting FAQ (July 2023). This is a lively chat about murals: how to get the designs on the wall, how to quote and how to prep walls. I take you through some of my current (one future) and past projects and chat about how long the projects took, how much I charged, the cost of paint and materials and the profit on each project. I also answered pre-submitted questions such as: • How to quote on mural projects • How to know how much paint to order • What paints to use • How to prepare different wall surfaces • How to collaborate with students/community groups • Charge per square metre or by day or by hour • How many hours do you work in a day • Targeting ideal projects/clients Along with the video recording is links to a number of products and services I mention and a link to sign up to the Artist Assistant mailing list (great idea team)! If you are having trouble accessing this program (Chrome users), you can purchase from here:

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